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GROUP SETTING: Student Evaluation - Strengths, weaknesses, educational objectives, choices, plans, social and community needs, goals. One on One Organizational Toolkit - Time management and organizational strategies. College Exploration - Finding your perfect college fit. Find your top five universities and why they would be perfect for your custom needs. ACT/SAT - Information on which test is best for you. Sign up for practice for both or either test. Sign up for test. When and why retest. What score you need to receive scholarships from you chosen university. Educational resume workshop. This will consist of two group meetings. Gathering all pertinent information from the 9th - 12th grades to create, revise, edit your final copy of your resume. College Essay Workshop - This writing Workshop will create your college essay. This will consist of four meetings which include brainstorming strategies, outlining & rough draft writing, revising & editing, final product. This workshop consists of four group meetings. College Application Workshop - Assist with all paperwork, transcripts, emails, and information necessary to apply to three universities/colleges. How to contact your college advisors and what to ask. Three group meetings. Letter of Recommendation Workshop. This will consist of one group meeting. You will learn how to write a letter and email asking your teachers and/or employers for a letter of recommendation. College Budgeting Workshop - Figure out expenses, what money will be coming in and going out monthly. Bonus * Mobile reminders of application deadlines, ACT/SAT deadlines or other important college related information.

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