Valedictorian Package

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* One on One Coaching *Student Evaluation - Strengths, weaknesses, educational objectives, choices, plans, social and community needs, goals. *Organizational Toolkit - Time management and organizational strategies * Career Exploration - Find out the top ten hottest careers and the outlook for any job/career. Explore if you are a fit for a certain job/career. Determine if your dream career salary will afford your dream lifestyle * College Exploration - Finding your perfect college fit. Find your top three universities and why they would be perfect for your custom needs. * ACT/SAT - Sign up for a test. Sign up for practice. When and why retest. What score do you need for a scholarship from you chosen university. *Educational Resume Workshop - Gathering all pertinent information from the 9th - 12th grades to create, revise, edit your final copy of your resume. * College Essay Workshop - Create your college essay. This will consist of brainstorming strategies, outlining & rough draft writing, revising & editing, final product. * College Application Workshop - Assist with all paperwork, transcripts, emails, and information necessary to apply to three universities/colleges. How to contact your college advisors and what to ask * Letter of Recommendation Workshop - Create emails asking your teachers and/or employers for a letter of recommendation. * College Budgeting Workshop - Figure out expenses, what money will be coming in and going out monthly. *Bonus - Mobile reminders of application deadlines, ACT/SAT deadlines or other important college related information.

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